Fremantle Prison, built by convict hands in the 1850’s, stands today as a great reminder of our colonial past.

The four story main cell block is the largest convict built structure erected in the colony of Western Australia.

Originally the Fremantle prison had more than 500 cells,  with 4 large dormitories at either end to house a further 320 prisoners. Eventually the cell blocks were divided into 4 divisions. This made it possible to keep different categories of prisoners apart.

Often described as the best preserved convict built building in the country, the prison was decommissioned as an operating maximum security prison in November 1991 and opened to the public as an attraction in January 1992.

With a massive area to cover, the Paranormal Hunters investigate Division 3 and 4, the crown theatre, the Anglican chapel and the solitary confinement cells.

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