Jack Sue Building – Midland

Jack Sue Building Midland

The Paranormal Hunters investigate the Jack Sue building situated in Midland Western Australia.

The Jack Sue building is a retail landmark in Midland WA. It’s tales date back to the early 20th century and include reports of paranormal sightings.

Many years ago it first traded as The Loco Coffee Palace, which served as a stopover and accommodation for passengers of the Midland Railway.

The building also spent time as a brothel and a Chinese restaurant before the late Jack Sue, a former WWII Commando, bought it in 1984 to expand his skin diving business. Jack Sue wrote two of his books, the war memoir Blood on Borneo and the second book, Ghost of the Alkimos in the building.

But it’s the ghost stories that have captivated locals and visitors in recent times, with numerous claims that the property is haunted.

Darren, Ivan and Andrew are on the search for anything strange and unknown in this wonderful location and catch some great evidence.

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Jack Sue Building Midland

(From left to right) Andrew, Darren and Ivan stand out the front of the Jack Sue building in Midland.

Jack Sue Building Midland

Meeting up with Barry Sue, Jack's son and owner of the Jack Sue building.

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